Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook

The virtual textbook for anaesthesia


Introduction, FAQ, advertising

Medline, Journals, news services

Sites, education, textbooks, info...

Societies and Departments

The Internet, E-mail, etc

Professional issues:

Statistics and research

Critical incident monitoring and QA

Legal, ethical and professional issues


Basic sciences:

Anatomy for anaesthetists

Principles of pharmacology

Opioid analgesic drugs

Intravenous anaesthetic drugs; TIVA, TCI

Volatile agents

Muscle physiology, MH etc.

Local anaesthetics, nerve conduction

Respiration and drugs affecting respiration

Anaphylaxis, allergy and immunology

Water, electrolyte, renal and acid-base

Anaesthesia equipment:

Simulators and Software

The Anaesthesia Machine

Patient Monitoring

PDA's, Informatics and Information Systems

Anaesthetic equipment suppliers

Patient care:

Pre-operative assessment, premedication

Post-operative care; the recovery room (PACU)

Post-operative pain management

Post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV)

Intubation; the difficult airway

Regional and local anaesthetic techniques

Positioning the patient

Poisonings, bites and envenomations

Hyperbarics, altitude; underwater and space

Anaesthesia for:

Laser surgery

Infants and children

Obstetrics and the pregnant patient

The elderly

Neurosurgery; management of head injury

Cardio-thoracic surgery

Vascular surgery

ENT, Ophthalmic, dental and facial surgery

Veterinary Anaesthesia

Project co-ordinator:
Dr. Chris Thompson
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
2050 Australia.
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