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The Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook

Obstetrics and Pregnancy

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Obstetric Anesthesia Societies

The Society For Obstetric Anesthesia And Perinatology
-an excellent starting point for all matters relating to Obstetric Anesthesia

See also the VAT Chapter on Societies & Departments.

Medical Information

Low back pain after delivery - the clear consensus is that it is not increased by epidural analgesia, being just as common after non-epidural delivery. See Macarthur Anesth & Analg 1995, Macarthur Nov 11 1995 BMJ, Loughnan BRJA 2002, Howell BMJ 2002, Paul Ting's review.

Post-Partum Haemorrhage - Reviews: eMedicine, AccessToHealth, Natural Childbirth group. Medical & surgical treatment : Schnellenberg, Geneva; RCOG Guideline; Qld treatment guideline; options include considering external aortic compression, also uterine artery embolisation, intrauterine PGF2alpha, can be complicated by (or due to) DIC or amniotic fluid embolism.

Dural Puncture - 2003 BJA review by Turnbull, notes on arachnoiditis by Sarah Smith, unusual Anesthesiology case report of transverse sinus thrombosis. Treatment: Medscape, Paech's 'Myths & Legends', Paech's ANZCA 2011 Abstract, WFSA Update,

Spinal Anaesthesia in Obstetrics - Update in Anaesthesia, NYSORA, Vasopressors in 2009 WFSA. (more info in the Local and Regional Anaesthesia section of this site).

RCOG's Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy.

University of Basel, Swiss Anaesthesia Server - Obstetric Anesthesia Resident's Handbook (articles on analgesia, pre-eclampsia, delivery, caesarean section). Also Obstetric Anesthesia: Special Situations

Epidural Analgesia in Delivery by V. Lanza, Italy. A very complete description of their clinical practice, including pre-op evaluation, on-line retrieval of clinical data, with pictures and tables.

The UToronto / MtSinai/Jose Carvalho have kindly put their Obstetric Anesthesia resources on-line. Great descriptions of needling techniques, TAP blocks etc.

History - John Snow's influence on obstetric anaesthesia.

Information for Patients

Patients' Guide to Local and Regional Anaesthesia - Group Anesthesia.

"Epidural Without Guilt: Childbirth Without Pain" a book by Gilbert Grant. Amazon or iTunes

UNC has a concise summary on epidural analgesia as does

Epidural Anaesthesia and You - Royal Womens Hospital, Australia. Epidural Anesthesia - American Pregnancy Association. Pros and Cons of Epidurals Penny Simkin.

Medical Risks of Epidural Anaesthesia During Childbirth - extensive listing; for some balance see Paul Ting's review.

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